Praise for practicing what you preach

Kudos to Bill Nye the Science Guy--perhaps the nation's best-known and most effective science teacher--for putting his green lessons into action. According to yesterday's New York Times Magazine, he lives in a "retrofitted, eco-friendly, 1,300-square-foot, 1939 stucco home in Los Angeles." (And, of course, he drives a Prius and rides his bike a lot.)

This isn't a comment on the politics of environmentalism--though Fordham will be celebrating Earth Day tomorrow--but on teachers being good role models. Because it's great when history teachers love to visit historical sites; when English teachers devour the latest National Book Award winners; when drivers ed teachers don't drink and drive; when civic teachers... vote. You get the idea. Let's face it: there's almost nothing more discouraging than a gym teacher with a beer gut. So to Bill Nye, we say: this Bud's for you.

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