The Gadfly Daily’s week in review

Here’s a quick review of what Fordham’s bloggers had to say
this week:

  • “How
    about creating a ‘virtual education ministry’ that school districts would
    choose to associate with voluntarily?” proposed
    Mike on Flypaper
    . “Think of it as a private-sector department of
    education, but run much more efficiently and with higher-quality staff
    than the government ever could”
  • “Increased
    density and the creative reuse of space can help ease the space crunch”
    for charter schools in expensive urban centers, advised
    Chris on Stretching the School Dollar
  • Terry
    Ryan welcomed Teach For America to Ohio
    on the Ohio
    Gadfly Daily
    , writing that it was “a good day for education and the
    children of the Buckeye
    State who will
    benefit from the passion, smarts, dedication and expertise of TFA corps
  • “In
    order to remain a sound and politically-viable policy option, special
    education vouchers need to demonstrate their effectiveness to the public,”
    Adam Emerson on Choice Words
  • On
    Board’s Eye View, Peter Meyer argued
    that “it is more important to air
    the opinions of the many than to sequester them behind closed doors
    monitored by the few.”
  • “I’m
    now fully convinced that great teaching is neither art nor science,” explained
    Kathleen on Common Core Watch
    . “It’s magic.”

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