First Bell 2-25-13

A first look at today's most important education news:

Fordham's latest

"When Teachers Choose Pension Plans: The Florida Story," by Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Amber Winkler, Flypaper

Sequestration,” the across-the-board cut in federal funds that will go into effect Friday unless lawmakers can negotiate their way out of it, will cut education funding by $29 million and threaten 400 teacher and aide positions. (Politics K–12 and Washington Post)

While parents appreciate the thriving school-choice marketplace in D.C., many are overwhelmed. (Washington Post)

A CREDO study finds that students in New York City’s charter schools gain five months’ more learning in math than their peers in traditional public schools. (Charters & Choice and New York Times)

Politics K–12 considers whether or not district NCLB waivers are a good idea.

Governor Scott Walker’s recent proposal to dedicate $21 million to special-education vouchers has attracted both controversy and support. (On Special Education)

The New York Times reports the lengths to which NYC’s parents will go to sign their kids up for schools and extracurricular activities.

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