On the Clock: Rethinking the Way Schools Use Time

Liam Julian

Elena Silva
Education Sector
January 2007

This latest report from Education Sector is an invitation to
begin a dialogue about school time (incidentally, the organization is
hosting just such a discussion).
The author does a swell job summing up the existing research about the
pros and cons of extending the school day and school year, and she
offers some sensible recommendations. But they are general and
predictable. For example, the report notes that "the collection and
analysis of time-use data in schools must be improved" and that "the
value and success of time reform...depends greatly on context." True
statements; also prosaic ones. Not to say that the report isn't worth a
look. One who knew nothing about instructional-time issues could pick up
this volume, read it over a leisurely lunch, and feel confident that he
or she would not be at all ruffled if, over afternoon martinis, someone
happened to say, "Now then, what's all this business about long school
days?" Policymakers, too, can use it for a quick overview of the issue,
the research, and the pros and cons. You can find it by clicking here.