2010 State Teacher Policy Yearbook: Blueprint for Change

The National Council on Teacher Quality has
issued an interim-year State Teacher
Policy Yearbook
, updating its 2009
with state-specific profiles and detailed policy recommendations regarding
teacher evaluation, tenure rules, and dismissal policies. The report, available
via an online module, points to eleven areas critical to teacher reform—things
like connecting tenure decisions to teacher effectiveness and broadening
alternative-certification pathways and providers. And though states have made
much progress on the teacher-quality front in the past year (thanks, in part,
to reforms spurred on by Race to the Top), they still have a long way to go
before meeting NCTQ standards. There are a full twenty-seven states that need
to address at least nine of the eleven critical attention areas. To help states
along, the Blueprint provides relatively
concise state-specific policy briefs, pointing to policies in need of immediate
overhaul as well as those which simply require small tweaks to see gains in
teacher quality. Policymakers in Ohio, for example, should pay urgent attention
to how state laws constrain the teacher pipeline (by not allowing for
alternative certification pathways like Teach For America) and sever job
security from teacher effectiveness. State policymakers, in Ohio and beyond,
looking for a quick—and tangible—tutorial on how to improve teacher quality
need look no further.

National Council on Teacher Quality, “2010 State Teacher Policy Yearbook:
Blueprint for Change
” (Washington, D.C.: National Council on Teacher
Quality, January 2011).

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