Catching up with Kasich, Catholic schools, and the CCSS

John Kasich “begged” the Ohio Board of Education this week to support Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s education overhaul plan. After the SB 5 disappointment, here's hoping the Ohio governor's softer approach can help make a promising policy come to pass, then last.

The Archdiocese of New York is responding to budget woes by rethinking how it governs its schools. Restructuring is just one of several ways to keep these vital institutions alive, but the nation’s public schools would do well to note the Church’s willingness to undertake education governance reform.

A bill to reconsider adoption of the Common Core standards died in Utah's legislature this week. We’ve always said that states should feel free to drop out of the common standards effort at any time. Still, we’re glad that the Beehive State—for now—didn’t.

Teens and twenty-somethings are increasingly risk-averse and sedentary, according to a recent New York Times op-ed. Is it just a lousy economy, or should schools shoulder some of the blame, perhaps for rewarding lassitude, discouraging competition, and shunning risk?

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