Welcome to Ohio, Wendy Kopp

  • Utah's
    superintendent of public instruction sent Arne Duncan
    a letter this week
    reminding the Secretary that as much as the state wants a
    waiver, it can't be forced to stick with the Common Core. Of course, he's
    right, and Mr. Duncan is to be commended for correctly (and astutely) agreeing
    in a letter
    of his own
  • From Wendy Kopp to Diane Ravitch, classroom
    the criticism of the release of New York City teacher ratings is piling up.
    Here’s hoping that rigorous teacher evaluations
    survive the storm.
  • On
    Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new website
    that will track
    the progress of districts
    statewide as they hash out new teacher evaluation
    plans. Kudos to Cuomo for keeping the public’s
    eye on a process so susceptible to stagnation.
  • Teach For America will
    in Ohio
    this fall, and Fordham wants to be the first to welcome the new corps
    members to the Buckeye State; Gadfly is optimistic that it’s the start of a relationship that will pay big
    dividends for Ohio’s school children.

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