The State of Charter Schools: What We Know – and What We Do Not – About Performance and Accountability

Since the first charter school opened its doors in Minnesota
in 1991, over 6,700 charter schools have set up shop in 40 states and DC.
Unfortunately, not all of these schools have been successful and a number of
them have since closed, in fact charter schools have experienced a 15 percent
closure rate since their inception.

A recent report
by the Center for Education Reform takes a look at why charter schools close
and shows that the number one reason (over 40 percent) for charter closure is
fiscal mismanagement and financial problems driven by low enrollment numbers. Other
issues such as ethical violations make up 24 percent of charter closures.
Furthermore, academic failure makes up 19 percent of all closures. While
academic performance is extremely important, schools tend to close for money problems
rather than academic ones. Ohio is no stranger to the challenges of ensuring
charter schools deliver results while ensuring they function well as
businesses. This report is a useful read for Ohioans interested in better

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