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Liam Julian
Much??recent reporting about the state of k-12 Catholic schools has??offered dreary conclusions. Here's a bit of good news . Update: Just noticed that the Washington Post reported on this school (and Fordham's Catholic Schools report ) yesterday.
Liam Julian
It's nice of Jesse Jackson to encourage kids to study more . Irony exists, though, when a man who has spent the better part of the last several decades blaming anything and everything for anything and everything, who has generally shirked accepting responsibility for his own foibles, of which there...
Kudos to Bill Nye the Science Guy --perhaps the nation's best-known and most effective science teacher--for putting his green lessons into action. According to yesterday's New York Times Magazine , he lives in a "retrofitted, eco-friendly, 1,300-square-foot, 1939 stucco home in Los Angeles." (And,...
I'm looking forward to Thursday's White House "summit" on inner-city kids and faith-based schools , both because it's a really important issue and because a number of panelists (and at least one moderator) are involved with the promising projects and programs recently profiled in Fordham's Who Will...
You gotta give it to purebred libertarians, they never let their vision of how the world ought to work be distorted by any realities about how it actually works. Nowhwere is this clearer than in K-12 education, where the CATO crowd, indistinguishable nowadays from the "separation of school and...
Liam Julian
The New York Times reviews some handwringing about??that which??America's k-12 schools have wrought. (Checker, too, has reviewed William Damon's book; the piece is?? here .)
Surely this is better than attacking a teacher , but still, not so good.
Liam Julian
I was just chatting about this after a recent and jolting visit to some of New York's Chelsea galleries--today's art is not judged by how it looks or the skill of the artist who produced it. It's all about ideology, which is a shame. But to bring it back to k-12, the article's larger point is that...
Liam Julian
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Maybe the National Math Panel report is having an impact , after all.