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Liam Julian
Ben Bernanke and some around our office suggest that teaching more about finance in American public schools may have prevented our current economic crisis. ( What crisis? ) I'm unconvinced, and Free exchange, the Economist 's blog, points out that others are, too .
Liam Julian
Looks like the fine citizens of Waterbury, Connecticut, are not yet flitting through Flypaper. Otherwise, I'm sure district leaders there would have thought thrice before doling out dollars to students who pass AP tests. Paying students for tests: another day arrives, another place tries it...
Liam thinks that if paying students to pass AP tests worked, "wouldn't we know it by now?" Yes, we would, and we do, and it does .
Liam Julian
Mike shouldn't?? assume that??paying kids for AP scores ( as in Waterbury ) is??always a??slam-dunk. In fact,??according to Education Week ,??the author of the very study Mike??cited??"said the main spur for the score jumps at the schools in Texas' Advanced Placement Incentive Program, or APIP,...
Liam Julian
Don't miss Mike talking about the stressed state of American Catholic schools on today's??edition of NPR's All Things Considered .
It looks like Missouri will be the next state to adopt the big daddy of alternative certification programs, the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence .
Liam Julian
Would you or someone you know love to work in education policy? Are you confused about where to start? Then the?? Fordham Fellows program might be for you! The deadline fast approaches....
" Finger scan replaces tickets in lunch line " This in Idaho, no less, which is one of only five states not to use a unique statewide student identifier (like a social security number) in its data system--out of privacy concerns, one surmises.
Talk about bizarre piggybacking and ahistoricism. Ronald Reagan didn't make many missteps, but one blunder that's widely acknowledged by just about everyone who follows education was the White House's bungled initial reception of A Nation at Risk in 1983. The "vision" that the President laid out on...
Today, Liam turns in a nice NRO piece on Fairfax County, Virginia's, recently published report that finds that the "'moral character and ethical judgment' of its white and Asian pupils is more developed than that of its black and Hispanic pupils." These conclusions, drawn from hosts of disparate...